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State-of-the-Art Companion Boarding Services

When you have to kennel your pets, be sure they're well taken care of. At Denise's Animal House, LLC in Lebanon, Ohio, we provide companion boarding so your pets get the care they need while you're away.

Dog Boarding

Our kennels are spacious and private. For an anxiety-free stay, we provide exercise programs . We have a climate-control system and continuous air circulation to minimize airborne pathogens and irritants.


Dogs get out in the yard four times a day for supervised activity. Your dogs will be introduced to play pals based on compatibility. We provide toys, and pools are available in warmer weather. There is 1 acre of running and exploring space.

Dog Vaccinations

Vaccinations must be current. Expirations for rabies, bordetella, and DHLPP are required. A flea and tick preventive is recommended, as we do not use pesticides in the play yard.


Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Our condos, which include 2-square-foot litter-box caves and 6 square feet of multi-level living spaces, provide cats with privacy and isometric exercise. Cats are separated from dogs, they have their own outdoor view, and a separate climate control and purification system. We provide litter.

Cat Vaccinations

You must provide us with the expiration dates for FVRCP, rabies, and feline leukemia. These vaccinations must be current.

Pocket-Pet Boarding

We also board ferrets, turtles, rats, hamsters, rabbits, and birds. Please provide your own housing, supplies, and food.

Food and Bedding

Changing a pet's diet can lead to sickness, so please bring your pet's food. Bedding is provided.


Please provide medication instructions and the issuing veterinarian's contact information. Should a problem develop during your pet's stay, we will contact your veterinarian and then you.


Dog Boarding Rates

Rates are determined by the number of nights spent with us. The following rates are per dog, per night:

» One Dog - $35.50 per night
» Multiple pet discount varies
» Long-Term (more than two weeks) - $31 per dog, per night

Cat Boarding Rates

Rates are determined by the number of nights spent with us. The following rates are per cat, per night:

» One Cat - $16 per cat
» Two or More Cats - $14 per cat, per night
» Long-Term (More Than Two Weeks) - $13 per cat, per night

Day Boarding Rates

Day-boarders are kept on the same schedule as our overnight guests. The rate is $18 per day.